Vision and Mission

VISION & MISSION: The kingdom of God has come to us, now is come the kingdom of our God, and the kingdom of God is near. Blessed is everyone who will eat bread in the kingdom of God. Everything is possible for him who believes. God is our strength and through Him we will encourage the timid, and help the weak. With God' mercy we shall go into all the world and preach the good news of gospel; and proclaim in His name about repentance for forgiveness of sins to all nations. We pray for salvation, healing and redemption in His name Jesus Christ. By faith and in love we press on toward the goal accordingly to His plan. For, nothing is impossible with God.
miUc];ehLKm];TL,wrL.JPL;sw]:n}.Et,pQn]w}.tL,hw];yw].eSmI;w}.yU,miUw]:lQw]El:tiuk].mL;sm]nL,"kUn];ekL.etkin]Kw]:mun];nG];miUc];ehLKm];JPL;sw]:n}.l}:mI;tac];lImac],klL,kU:ekL." tL,ekL.yum],n}.An]lG]ekL:pQn] l}:kU:mQw];yw]." JPL;sw]:pQn]AQn]hqc];hw];El:lUv]:mn];sw]:eShw];etpn]hqc];tI:ekL.sG]lQk].sG]ng}.eSsg}:Tqm]ekL.hqc];AUn]:nuc];sG]Kw]" lUv]:krunL,JPL;sw]:eShw];etkGL,nG];km],PL,elL;kn}.kU:tI:eS ehL;lat]:Kaw],lIkGam];JtL;sw]:'El:hgc].eSL,lgc]:ngc],twa},sG]Kiun];tL,l}:An]pg},wac];KGac].pn]'nn].tI:kUn];kU:miUc];kU:siUw].KiUw];lUv]:siuw]:sw]:ey,Su" hw];SU;tgc];nG];siuw]:sw]:ey,SuKrit]:Ek,Kzt],'yUt];yL'T}, Tut],pUt];pg},pn]lgt]:lqw];" lUv]:tac];yum],mat]:'tac];hk].eShw];siun],hqc];tiuc]:Kiun]:nL:kGL,sU;yiUc];ma}sgm];wac];Pqn]sw]:"piUw]:wL:epL;pL;TL,wrL.JPL;sw]:n}.An]Am],pQn]l}:Am],mI;"

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises - Paul Baloche - Tai translated lyrics


E              B                C#m7                                A
sw]:yB,' sw]:ta}' sw]:wL:etlbk].Kibn];lip];wn];TBn]:Sam]'
E               B           C#m7              A                                                      
pQn]nn]' sw]:mI;ASak]:--yB,' 
E                 B                C#m7                              A
sw]:Agn'] sw]:kbm];' sw]:wL:sw]:tbik].Kibn];mL;Tqc]:yB,'
E                 B                       C#m7                         A                            E   B C#m7 A
KL:hbsw]: ethQt];El: kBn];tc];SQc]:ethgc].kGam];ybk].ygc]:sw]:'
F#m7                      A                              E    Bsus  C#m7  A    F#m A    E
            E                  B                   C#m7
            eAL:sw]:' sw]:Aw]ApYt]:hw];mBt];ha}pn]'
            E               B                   C#m7
            JPL;sw]:' sw]:sbn].ASak]:pn]KL:hw];Kw]'
            A                                                   C#m7
            A                                     Bsus


E              B/D#       C#m7            A                                                
You lived, You died, You said in three days You would rise
E         Bsus          C#m7     A
You did,     You're a--l--i--v--e
E              B/D#       C#m7            A                                                
You rule, You reign, You said You're coming back again
E              B/D#       C#m7            A                  E Bsus C#m7 A
I know You will, and all the earth will sing Your praises
F#m7                A                      E  Bsus  C#m7  A  F#m A    E
All the earth will sing Your praises

E         B/D#               C#m7
You took, You take our sins away, O God
E          B/D#                   C#m7
You give, You gave Your life away for us
A                                                      C#m7
You came down, You saved us through the cross
A                                               Bsus
Our hearts are changed because of Your great love

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